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A bizarre storm hits the US in Thanksgiving

A bizarre storm is heading to the US from the west to the Midwest in Thanksgiving.

Moreover, it made a lot of citizens afraid of travelling this Wednesday.

A bizarre storm hits the US

CNN reported that two storms are heading to the US bringing snow, rain, and high winds to the Midwest.

Moreover, people from the west to the Midwest are advised to stay at home on Thanksgiving holiday.

Furthermore, there are more warnings about blizzards and high-wind across the western states.

These states include:

a) Oregon.

b) California.

c) Nevada.

d) Idaho.

Heavy winds and snow are going to complicate Thanksgiving travel for millions of Americans.

However, 31.6 million passengers will travel on US airlines during the Thanksgiving holiday period.

Therefore, it is going to be dangerous to go outside, but people still hopeful that this will change eventually.

Moreover, here are some tips if you are planning to travel in Thanksgiving:

1) Stay chill

Staying calm will help you ease the trip and makes it a good memory.

2) Get to the airport early

Bad weather might block your way to the airport, therefore heading to the airport early might reduce that risk.

3) Load up on apps

Some airports have apps that can help you check your flight status as well as flying conditions.

4) Check your flight status

You should undoubtedly check the status of your flight as the plane might be coming from a city with bad weather.

What the storm did?

More than 500 flights were delayed in the US due to the bad weather, making it harder to travel today.

However, more than 90 flights have been entirely canceled and the government is advising the citizens to stay at home.

Therefore, if you are planning for thanksgiving, it is better if you stick to home plans with your own family.

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