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Ad boycott continues, however Laura Ingraham Information Systems coming back

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Laura Ingraham Information Systems returning to Fox break news on Monday night — however some of her advertisers are not.
The 10-day-old advertisement boycott effort versus Ingraham, led with student activist David Hogg, means which her display going to have noticeably fewer advertesment than other Fox talk shows.
Hogg, in turn, urged his followers on media to contact Ingraham’s advertisers.
O’Reilly, too, went on vacation amid an advertisement boycott — & he never returned to the network.
Abernethy’s statement final Monday quashed talk about whether the advertisement boycott would make her vacation permanent.

‘SNL’ makes fun of Laura Ingraham advertiser boycott led with Parkland student David Hogg

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live’’ poked fun at the recent advertiser boycott of Fox break news host Laura Ingraham led with Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg.
Hogg replied with Tweeting out a list of her show’s advertisers & calling for a boycott.
After losing advertisers involving Hulu & Nestlé, she apologized & then declared which she was taking a planned vacation with her family for Easter week.
“It’s very perfect to be back after which planned vacation,’’ McKinnon’s Ingraham said.
The important thing Information Systems I’m back & I’m not will cave to bullying from the tolerant left.

'SNL' makes fun of Laura Ingraham advertiser boycott led by Parkland student David Hogg

Laura Ingraham to take Easter break amid advertisement boycott over David Hogg

As it stated in CLOSE David Hogg goes after Laura Ingraham & her advertisers.
(Photo: AP)Fox break news Host Laura Ingraham tells she’s taking a 7 days off for an Easter break with her family as advertisers still to pull their backing for her display amid backlash over her criticism of school shooting survivor David Hogg.
In a tweet earlier this week, Ingraham told Hogg, 17, whined about his recent college rejections.
David Hogg Rejected with 4 Colleges To Which He Applied & whines about it. — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) March 28, 2018Hogg replied with tweeting a list of companies which advertised on Ingraham’s show.

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