Albania earthquake killed Eleven People Today

Albania earthquake hit the country leaving eleven people dead.

Moreover, there are more than 300 injuries in this catastrophe as well.

Albania Earthquake is a 6.4 magnitude

A massive earthquake hit Albania today killing eleven people and left more than 300 injured.

This earthquake had a rating of a 6.4 magnitude, which makes it a massive and disastrous quake.

Moreover, it hit the European nation at a depth of 20 kilometers early Tuesday local time according to the United States Geological survey.

Therefore, the earthquake was about 13 miles away from the capital Tirana.

Furthermore, many social media videos shared what happened in the incidents.

People from all around the world showed concern about the citizens and talked about the quake as well.

A spokesperson for the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that four victims died in Durres.

In addition, he also said that they found the others in different cities like Kurbun and Lezhe.

The Health Minister Report

Earlier today, the minister of health confirmed that at least 325 people were injured in the earthquake.

Additionally, the reports also confirmed that several people are still missing until now.

Some nearby countries such as Greece and Italy have been assisting Albania with the recovery operation.

Besides, some other European leaders also offered their assistance to the Albanian government as well.

Moreover, in some cities like Durres and Tirana closed their closed until further notice.

Albania earthquake is one of the biggest quakes in decades, which had destroyed big parts of the country.

Furthermore, one of the most heartbreaking news was that a man’s daughter and niece were under the rubble of an apartment building.

However, the man talked to them and they told him that they are fine and waiting for help.

Moreover, he said that he could not talk to his wife, but the national police told him to rest assured.

Furthermore, the police are now in the process of saving everyone from the effects of the catastrophe.




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