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Donald Trump dictated note telling he was ‘astonishingly’ healthy

Donald Trump dictated note telling he was ‘astonishingly’ healthy, doctor says. Harold Bornstein says CNN  Donald Trump wrote letter telling he would be ‘healthiest individual ever rivalled to the presidency’A 2015 doctor’s note describing Donald Trump’s health as “astonishingly excellent” was dictated with Donald Trump himself, according to the doctor that signed the note.
Trump made public the letter from Dr Harold Bornstein on the eve of the presidential primary contests to allay worries about his fitness.
I didn’t write which letter,” Bornstein said.
The White home did’nt immediately Respond to a demand for comment.
How the 25th amendment can remove  Donald Trump – vidimus explainerSarah Sanders, the White home press secretary, defended the move.


Donald Trump
Donald Trump


 Donald Trump wrote own health letter, tells physician Harold Bornstein

” He dictated which whole letter,” Harold Bornstein told CNN. Mr Bornstein too told which Mr Trump’s bodyguard had toted out a “raid” on his offices in February 2017, removing all of Mr Trump’s medicinal records. If elected, Mr Trump, I could state unequivocally, going to be the healthiest individual ever rivalled to the presidency. He told the original & just copy of Mr Trump’s medicinal charts, involving laboratory reports, were taken with his aides. The incident took place shortly after The fresh York Times published a report in which Mr Bornstein told he had prescribed Mr  Donald Trump with Propecia, an anti-baldness drug.



Harold Bornstein
Harold Bornstein

Trump doctor Harold Bornstein tells bodyguard, lawyer ‘raided’ his office, took medicinal files

As declared in Donald Trump & his personal physician Harold Bornstein in a picture which used to hang on his office wall.
A spokesperson for Garten told which Bornstein “voluntarily turned over the medicinal records to Mr. Schiller” at the demand of the White House.
Schiller, that left the White home in September 2017, did’nt immediately reply to a demand for comment.
“Those records were being transferred over to the White home medicinal Unit, as requested,” told Sanders.
After the article ran on Feb. 1, 2017, Bornstein told Graff called him & said, “So you wanted to be the White home doctor?


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