Marie Fredriksson dies aged 61 after suffering from long illness

Marie Fredriksson the Swedish popstar died today at the age of 61.

Moreover, she died on Monday morning after suffering from long-term illness.

Marie Fredriksson the co-creator of Roxette

The popstar is known for co-creating the popular pop duo, Roxette as well as making a lot of singles herself.

Moreover, in her early life Fredriksson had a successful career in Sweden prior to forming the pop duo.

In addition, she released her first album, Het vind  in 1984, then the second came out after two years in 1986.

Afterwards, she and Per Gessle, the Swedish song-writer formed the roxette pop duo.

Moreover, they made their international breakthrough with their hit, The Look as it become top ten upon release.

Besides, they continued their great and loved by everyone work with another top hit, Listen to Your Heart.

However, Fredriksson health went downhill after a marvelous career and doctors diagnosed her with brain tumor.

Therefore, she did a surgery to remove the tumor and started her chemotherapy for months afterwards.

This breakdown; however, led to the cancellation of the duo’s appearances in “Night of the Proms.”

The Fatal destiny of the Popular Swedish Star

Marie's family
Marie’s family

The news undoubtedly shocked her family colossally and especially her husband and their two children.

Moreover, her family wrote in statement “Marie Fredriksson is most mourned by her husband Mikael Bolyos and their two children.”

They also, said that they are in great mourn for losing the biggest and most loved artists is gone.

Therefore, they were in great pain losing their beloved family member because of her previous illness.

In addition, they said that they will bury Marie quietly with only the closest family present.

However, she left her husband with two children, 26-year-old daughter as well as a 23-year-old son.

Moreover, the two children Inez Josefin and Oscar showed a great mourn for their beloved mother.

Besides, her co-star Per wrote a tribute to her in a tweet earlier that showed his deep sorrow.

He said that “Time goes by so quickly.”

In addition, he added “It’s not that long ago we spent days+nights in my tiny apartment sharing impossible dreams.”


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