Modern technology: cyborgs enable paralyzed to walk again

Modern technology has been in great help to humankind for centuries.

Therefore, scientists put a lot of effort in order to make greater use of it.

How does modern technology help?

How technology helps
How technology helps

Modern Technology is the most useful assist in our century.

Therefore, it has been assisting us for years and yet more to come.

Moreover, it has many uses from organizing our lives to assisting scientists and doctors in making lives easy.

Many people can use it in order to facilitate students’ learning process.

Moreover, by the time the robotics entered the game, it has changed to be the best.

What is paralysis?

What is paralysis
What is paralysis

Paralysis is the actual loss of muscle function in any part of your body.

Moreover, people going through this kind of disease cannot really move at all.

Therefore, it causes them to be depressed, as they cannot live properly like normal people.



The relationship between paralyzed and cyborgs

Tokyo, Japan is a technological pioneer especially in the field of robotics and cyborgs.

Moreover, in 2019, the brooks cybernic treatment center in Florida has found a new way to make the paralyzed walk again.

Furthermore, they became the first center in the US to use a unique technology developed in Japan.

HAL (the hybrid assistive limb) which is essentially a wearable cyborg to help these paralyzed people be able to walk.

In addition, patients can control these cyborgs by their brain waves, making it a real experience.

The Japanese roboticist Yoshiyuki Sankai developed these cyborgs.

Moreover, he initially built them to help those with spinal cord injuries that hold them from movement.

However, patients might not be able to move properly unless trained.

Therefore, in the center by training patients to relax and concentrate on the sensors and the sent signals.

Modern technology is now helping humans in every way possible, as it is now becoming a way of survival and aid.



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