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No Disclosure? No Problem. Mr. Hannity Gets a Pass at Fox News

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Advertisement still reading the major storyFox break news has different ethical levels for its break news & opinion anchors, & Mr. Hannity, firmly on the opinion side, has a longer leash.
Like other cheerleading Fox pundits, involving Jesse Watters & Jeanine Pirro, Mr. Hannity has been granted a presidential interview multiple times.
But Mr. Dershowitz added which Mr. Hannity did’nt needful deserve to be disciplined.
“The Fox viewers didn’t suffer from his failure to disclose,” he said.
He wouldn’t have told anything different.”Advertisement still reading the major story“Whether I’ll ever be invited back to Hannity’s show, I don’t know,” Mr. Dershowitz added.

We knew what Fox break news was long before this Sean Hannity debacle

After Fox break news personality Sean Hannity was named as a client of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer—whom he had strenuously defended on air without discovering the relationship—some observers wondered if Fox break news perhaps blaze Hannity (as if which were an actual possibility).
Another journalist told he was “stunned” which Fox wouldn’t punish Hannity for the blatant violation of journalistic standards.
This Hannity debacle Information Systems not a particularly low point for the network, either.
Fox News, for its part, going to cater its coverage specifically for the president, knowing he’s watching.
This Information Systems the break news network we foreseen to reprimand Hannity for his journalistic misdeeds?

Mr. Hannity
Mr. Hannity


Sean Hannity continues to uphold Fox break news standards

as mentioned in “While Fox break news was unaware of Sean Hannity’s informal relationship with Michael Cohen & was surprised with the declaration in court of law yesterday, we have reviewed the matter & spoken to Sean & he continues to have our complete support.” — Fox statement the time Sean Hannity was detect as Michael Cohen’s 3rd client after having failed to discover this data on airWe at Fox break news still to have rigorous standards, & Sean Hannity continues to uphold them.
He hasn’t criticized donald trump in thought, word or deed, with anything he has done or anything he has left undone.
He hasn’t failed to love donald trump with his whole heart, his whole mind, his whole strength.
He hasn’t sacrificed anything — food, drink, integrity — to a deity other than Donald Trump.
If he & donald trump have the same lawyer, which only means this lawyer Information Systems truly GOOD.

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