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Scientists discover a new massive stellar black hole

Scientists discovered a giant stellar black hole that should not exist.

Moreover, they are now shocked from this latest discovery as theoretically it is impossible.

Scientists discover a new black hole

Scientists discovered that the black hole is stellar one, which forms after a star die or explode.

Moreover, researchers believed that the size limit for a black hole is to be more than 20 times the mass of the sun.

However, this theory changed now as the new discovered one has more than 70 times the mass of the sun.

Furthermore, what scientists discovered is located about 15,000 light years away according to Chinese Academy of Science.

Scientists in the journal Nature said that black holes of such mass should not exist in our galaxy.

Therefore, they are all in a great shock of their peculiar discovery and are in a great challenge of explaining the intel.

Stellar black holes renaissance

These black holes are commonly scattered across the universe, scientists believe.

However, they are hard to detect as they do not normally emit x-rays unless they gobble up gas from a close star.

They are also so elusive that scientists discovered and identified only two dozen of these stellar black holes.

Moreover, the Chinese researchers at the CAS tried a more difficult approach in order to identify new ones.

They looked for stars that are orbiting some invisible objects and pulled by their gravity instead of X-rays emitted by black holes.

Furthermore, the huge discovery forced scientists to re-examine their models of how stellar- mass the holes form.

There were several discoveries in the past year that have added to this renaissance.

One of them was a black hole that helps baby stars grow instead of destroying them.

Therefore, scientists discover and make a lot of efforts in order to make the things provided clearly to other fellows.

Moreover, scientists’ discoveries undoubtedly make a great difference in which the world can rely on.



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