Toni-Ann Singh was crowned Miss World

Toni-Ann Singh Jamaica’s beauty became Miss World 2019 on Saturday.

Moreover, she conveyed a greater message to all the girls around the globe to brace their beauty.

Who is Toni-Ann Singh?

Toni-Ann Singh was born in 1996 and she is a Jamaican-American beauty pageant.

In 2019, she won the title of Miss Jamaica World and is the fourth woman in Jamaica to win the Miss World award.

Moreover, Singh was born in Morant Bay, but immigrated to the United States at the age of nine and settled in Florida.

In addition, she graduated with a degree in women’s studies and psychology from Florida state university.

Therefore, she went to London in November 2019 to participate in the Miss World Qualifier.

She then entered the top 40 of the Top Model Contest and won the talent contest, which led her to the semi-finals.

Furthermore, Finals was at ExCeL in London on December 14th, where Singh rose to the top five.

Afterwards, she won champion, beating French runner-up Ofili Mezino and Indian runner-up Suman Rao.

Moreover, with her victory, Singh became the fourth Jamaican woman to win the title, the last was Lisa Hannah.

Furthermore, Lisa won the title in 1993, then followed by Nigeria’s Abani Darrego.

Abani was the first black woman to win a Miss World and she took the title in 2001.

Miss World 2019

Singh is now one of the influencers when it comes to Jamaican girls as she told them to follow her lead.

Also, she addressed all the girls in the world to brace their beauty as it is their unique identity.

“To that little girl in St. Thomas, Jamaica and all the girls around the world – please believe in yourself. Please know that you are worthy and capable of achieving your dreams. This crown is not mine but yours. You have a PURPOSE,”

That was her tweet on Saturday, the night where she won the title.

She also said that she thinks that she represents something special and how proud she is.



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