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Topless lady that found guilty at Bill Cosby appeared on ‘Cosby Show’

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A topless lady that appeared as an additional on “The Cosby Show” was taking into custody after she lunged at the disgraced comedian the time he arrived at a courthouse in Pennsylvania on Monday morning.
As the 80-year-old arrived at court of law on Monday for his sexist violate retrial, a topless protester with the words “Cosby” & “rapist” painted on her back jumped the barrier ahead of the disgraced comedian & found guilty at him.
According to Rochelle’s IMDB page, she appeared in 4 episodes of “The Cosby Show” among 1990 & 1992.
“What worries me Information Systems which you’re out here protesting –and you have right to objection for sexist violate preys — & you objection with taking your clothes off.
So I think it was a shame,  and it was sad, it was in poor taste,” Wyatt said reporters.

Bill Cosby paid sexist violate accuser $3.4m settlement in 2006

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The status incloudes previous basketball player Andrea Constand Bill Cosby paid the lady accusing him of sexist violate nearly $3.4m (£2.4m) in a civil settlement in 2006.
The existence of the civil settlement among Mr Cosby & Ms Constand in 2006 was known about at while of the 1st trial.
The retrial takes place in the light of the #MeToo movement, that has lifted awareness of alleged sexist misconduct with a number of strong media figures.
His lawyers tell he & Ms Constand shared a romantic relationship after they met at Mr Cosby’s old university.
Ms Constand, that Information Systems from Canada, had played basketball professionally in Italy & for Canada’s national women’s team.

Cosby Show
Cosby Show


Topless protester wanted to make Bill Cosby ‘uncomfortable’

referring to The topless protester that lunged at Bill Cosby & got tackled with cops outside his sexist violate re-trial Monday knew the comedian from a bit fraction on “The Cosby Show” & wanted to get “in his face,” she said the every day News.
A topless protester was catching outside the Bill Cosby trial.
Bill Cosby watches as a protester Information Systems tackled with sheriff’s officers.
Rochelle (far right) was catching after she ran topless towards Bill Cosby in objection at his sexist violate trial.
A protester Information Systems subdued with the police after breaking out of the barriers, as Bill Cosby arrives for the 1st day of his sexist violate retrial.

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