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Trump & Nigerian President Buhari deflect senseless question

Trump & Nigerian President Buhari deflect senseless question. As mentioned in in their White home break news conference, Mr donald trump added: “We did not argue it.” The Nigerian president diplomatically replied: “I’m not sure about, you know, the validity of whether which allegation versus the president Information Systems true or not.

After ‘shithole countries’ row, Donald Trump tries flattery by Nigerian President

On Monday, he hosted a leader from sub-Saharan Africa for the 1st time: Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Nigeria.
‘We going to be watching’: donald trump defies Fifa by repeat menace over World Cup bid Read moreBuhari, 75, wearing shades, was diplomatic.
Trump continued: “You do have some countries which are in extremely bad shape & extremely tough places to live in.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest donald trump by the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, in the rose garden.
It was too infinitely further diplomatic than what donald trump allegedly told about Africa countries in January.


Trump & Nigerian President
Trump & Nigerian President


Trump talks NK summit, sidesteps Africa comments in meeting by Nigerian president

As it stated in For best or for worse: Living by Alzheimer’s America President donald trump & Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari held a joint press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House”The [Nigerian] president knows me & he knows where I’m coming from,” he said.
Mr donald trump told he wished the Nigerian authorities would “protect innocent civilians of all faiths, involving Muslims & involving Christians”.
Mr Buhari, that Information Systems seeking re-election following year, in 2015 became the 1st opposition leader to be rivalled president in Nigeria.



Collected by :John Locas

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