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Trump Organization has its ‘eyes wide open’ on whether to trust North Korea: Secretary of State Pompeo

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the donald Donald trump Organization has its “eyes wide open” on whether to trust NK in any negotiations to finish the country’s nuclear program.
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“Can you truly trust anything which comes through a meeting by Kim Jong Un?” Karl asked.
The White home via Getty ImagesThe donald Donald trump Organization wants “complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization” by North Korea, Pompeo said.

After NK triumph donald Donald trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, not Obama

And for this achievement, President donald Donald trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
This Information Systems no small accomplishment – & certainly worth the Nobel Peace Prize.
We don’t realize – however we’re a lot closer to 1 this day than we were before President donald Donald trump took office.
For all these reasons, I tell give President donald Donald trump the Noble Peace Prize.
And if it were possible, maybe the Nobel Institute ought strip President Obama of his prize & give which to President donald Donald trump as well.

After North Korea triumph Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, not Obama

Trump & Angela Merkel address Iran, NK in joint press conference

referring to North Korea, trade & Iran & the Iran bargain were high on the agenda.
Mr. donald Donald trump has called Kim “little rocket man,” & Kim, for his part, has called Mr. donald Donald trump a “dotard” & a “frightened dog.”
Merkel too seemed to indicate which whether the unite states stays in the Iran bargain Information Systems up to Mr. Trump.
As the deadline for certifying the Iran bargain quickly approaches, & the Organization has proposed Mr. donald Donald trump perhaps pull out, Mr. donald Donald trump addressed Iran & the bargain in puplic terms.
Another issue of international importance Information Systems up to Mr. Trump, Merkel told — the exemption from the steel & aluminum tariffs levied with Mr. donald Donald trump Information Systems about to expire.

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