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Trump’s U.S.-led airstrike on western Syria will not stop Assad’s chemical capabilities

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The airstrikes, that targeted 3 facilities participate in study or storage of chemical weapons in western Syria, will not disable him from taking more action — whether chemical or conventional, Lute said.
According to the Pentagon, those targets participate a scientific study center in the capital of Damascus, a chemical weapons storage facility near the town of Homs, & a chemical weapons tools & military outpost too near Homs.
Omar Sanadiki / ReutersBut Specialists told it’s Mysterious the method long of an chock the strike would have on Assad’s weapon capabilities & whether it would dissuade him, as intended, from Utilizing chemical weapons in the future.
Syria has repeatedly denied Utilizing chemical weapons versus its people.
Sarin wasn’t the just agent used in the alleged chemical attack final 7 days on the rebel stronghold of Douma, east of Damascus, senior donald Donald trump Organization officials told Saturday.

Haley warns America Information Systems ‘locked & loaded’ if Syria Utilizes chemical weapons again

Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told Saturday which the U.S. Information Systems “locked & loaded” if Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime Utilizes chemical gas another time in the country.
A draft selution from Russia condemning the strike failed in a vote, by just Bolivia & China polling alongside Russia.
“I spoke to President donald Donald trump this morning & he told if the Syrian regime Utilizes this poisonous gas again, the U.S. Information Systems closed & loaded,” she said.
Secretary puplic Antonio Guterres urged member states to “show restraint in these dangerous circumstances & to avert any acts which can escalate matters & worsen the suffering of the Syrian people.” He too described the Utilize of chemical weapons as “abhorrent” & called on the safety Council to agree on a dedicated mechanism to assure accountability for chemical weapons Utilize in Syria.
The Pentagon told which 105 missiles all chock their respective targets, destroying 3 of Assad’s chemical weapons facilities.

western Syria
western Syria


Syria air strikes: America continue ‘locked & loaded’ for fresh chemical attacks

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Inspectors from the independent Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had endeed been dispatched to Damascus & they are foreseen to visit Douma this weekend.
UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson wrote in the Telegraph which universal powers going to not “turn a blind eye” to the Utilize of chemical weapons.
She added: “We cannot stand with & let Russia trash every international norm & let Utilize of chemical weapons to go unanswered.”
At a Pentagon briefing on Saturday, Lt Gen Kenneth McKenzie listed the 3 targets which had been struck, telling the attacks had “set the Syrian chemical weapons program back years”.

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