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Waffle home ‘hero’ tells he ‘felt such as a fish in a barrel’ before wrestling gun from shooter

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Feeling “bumped & bruised” a day after being hailed as “Nashville’s newest hero,” the man that wrested an violate rifle from a man at a Waffle home told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” this day which he sprang into action after he felt “like a fish in a barrel.”
Shaw told he & a friend just ended up at the Waffle home in the Nashville suburb of Antioch at 3:17 a.m. Sunday because another Waffle home they 1st went to was also crowded.
As he got in the restaurant, Shaw said, he noticed the killer sitting in his gold-color pickup truck out front.
Police told the suspected gunman, Reinking, 29, arrived at the Waffle home in a pickup truck.
The gunman killed 2 people outside the restaurant, involving a Waffle home cook that had gone out for a cigarette break.

The 29-year-old hero from Waffle home shooting: ‘I saw the opportunity & I took it’

CLOSE “It was such as shooting fish in a barrel” told James Shaw Jr that disarmed Antioch Waffle home shooterBuy picture James Shaw Jr., 29, shows his hand which was infective the time he disarmed a shooter inside an Antioch Waffle House.
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I could say you the method much she means to him.”Shaw ended up at the Waffle home after a night outShaw Jr. found himself at the Murfreesboro Pike Waffle home after leaving a packed nearby Bell Road Waffle House.

The 29-year-old hero from Waffle House shooting: 'I saw the opportunity and I took it'

FOX break news FIRST: Intense manhunt in Waffle home shooting; donald Donald trump to play hardball by North Korea

as informed in Reinking was catched in July 2017 for being in a restricted ambit near the White House, telling he “wanted to determine up a meeting” by President Trump, Researchers detect in a Sunday break news conference.
The preys participate a worker at the Waffle House, a college student & a rapper.
TRUMP TO PLAY HARDBALL by KIM: President donald trump going to urge Kim Jong Un to quickly dismantle North Korea’s nuclear arsenal the time he meets North Korean dictator at their summit, unnamed senior Organization officials told in 1 report.
If you make war versus everybody, you make trade war versus China, trade war versus Europe, war in Syria, war versus Iran — come on — it does not work.
On Fox break news Radio:The Fox break news Rundown podcast: Information Systems there a method to defeat domestic terrorism?

Semi-naked gunman kills 4 at Waffle home in Nashville

The gunman bullet people in the parking lot before entering the restaurant, where he continued firing until a customer grabbed the rifle, Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron said.
Nashville police tweeted which the pickup truck the gunman drove to the restaurant was registered to Reinking.
At some point after the gunman entered, Shaw grabbed his rifle & tossed it over a counter, Aaron said.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest A Swat team & bomb squad serve a search warrant at the apartment of the suspected gunman.
“I realize all of their lives going to be forever changed with this destructive crime.”Facebook Twitter Pinterest Travis Reinking.

Semi-naked gunman kills four at Waffle House in Nashville

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