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Who Information Systems Tammie Jo Shults? Hero pilot of Southwest flight by blown engine was Navy fighter

As it stated in

Tammie Jo Shults was at the controls of the Dallas-bound Flight 1380 the time it made an contingency landing in Philadelphia, told her husband, Dean Shults.
The pilot took the plane into a rapid descent as passengers Utilizing oxygen masks which dropped from the ceiling braced for impact.
Shults was between the 1st female fighter pilots in the unite states military, according to friends & the alumni group at Shults’ alma mater, MidAmerica Nazarene.
Passenger Alfred Tumlinson, of Corpus Christi, Texas, lauded Shults & her crew for their professionalism.
Shults’ brother-in-law, Gary Shults, told her husband too Information Systems a Southwest pilot & told him she made the contingency landing.

Passenger killed after engine fragment damages Southwest jet

Another passenger, Matt Tranchin, 34, of Dallas, said NBC break news in a telephone interview which about twenty minutes after takeoff, he heard what sounded such as an engine explosion & which a “shard of the engine chock the window.”
After the window blew out, the flight crew prepared for an contingency landing, he said.
While the plane sped toward the airport, Tranchin sent frantic goodbye messages to his family.
“It was 1 of those things the time you don’t need to terrify your family, however if you do go down, you don’t need to not tell goodbye.”
Connor Martin, another passenger, was between those that saw the lady nearly get sucked through the plane.

Passenger killed after engine fragment damages Southwest jet

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 engine failure (courtesy with The Morning dial – Valley View

As it stated in Radio transmissions of the Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 engine failure which prompted an contingency landing at Philadelphia International Airport on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

Southwest Airlines engine explosion link to prior accident

A female passenger died after she was almost sucked from the cabin of a Southwest Airlines flight travelling from fresh York to Dallas on Tuesday.
Investigators tell there was a fault by the engine’s fan blades – the the reason the incident 2 years ago.
Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, a Boeing 737 which was toting 149 people, was forced to make an contingency landing at Philadelphia airport on Tuesday next a fault by 1 of its CFM56-7B engines.
On Wednesday, other airlines which Utilize planes fitted by the CFM56-7B engine, involving United Airlines, American Airlines & Delta Air Lines, told they had begun inspecting some of their aircraft.
In 2016, a Southwest Airlines flight made a secure contingency landing in Florida after a fan blade separated from a similar CFM engine.

Southwest Airlines engine explosion linked to prior accident

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